What Does An NDIS Plan Manager Do?


If you’re part of the NDIS program, you might have heard about plan managers. But what exactly do they do, and do you really need their help? In this article, we’ll break down what an NDIS plan manager does, so you can decide if you want to use their services.

To put it plainly, an NDIS plan manager takes care of paying for things like items you need and the help you get from service providers. They also handle invoices and payments connected to your NDIS plan and the services you receive, so you don’t have to worry about them. This gives you more time to focus on important things, like working towards your goals!

There are four ways to manage your NDIS plan. One is through NDIS Plan Management. The others are agency-managed, plan-managed, and self-managed.

You can choose any of these ways or even a combination of them, depending on what suits your situation best. It’s all about what works for you personally.

What does an NDIS plan manager Actually do?

A helpful plan manager can:

  • Help you with your NDIS funds.
  • Give you reports every month (or instantly) about your budget.
  • Keep an eye on your use of your funds.
  • Handle bills and payments.
  • Pay the service providers who help you.
  • Give you advice on how you can spend your plan funds.
  • Make sure the service providers bill correctly, following NDIS rules.

Why should you use a plan manager?

It might surprise you to know that up to 31% of NDIS budgets aren’t being used! This means NDIS participants might be missing out on as much as a third of the funding they should be getting. This is a big number of missed chances. An NDIS plan manager can help you make sure you’re getting the most from your NDIS plan. There are lots of good things that come with having an NDIS plan manager, like:

You can pick your own service providers, whether they’re registered with NDIS or not.

Someone else takes care of all the paperwork and bills for you.

You can be sure you’re only paying for services that were approved.

You can feel calm and know that everything is being handled for you.

How to choose a plan management provider?

When you’re searching for a plan manager, remember a few important things:

  • They need to be approved by NDIS.
  • They should have experience with NDIS plans.
  • They must understand how NDIS works.
  • They should make you feel confident about your plan.
  • They should handle your bills and payments on time.
  • Picking the right plan manager is a big choice, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Just remember these points, and you’ll find the best provider for you.

How much does an NDIS plan manager cost?

Good news! If you want to use a plan manager, you won’t have to pay extra money. The NDIA (that’s the National Disability Insurance Agency) will give you more funding in the “Improved Life Choices” part of your NDIS plan to cover the cost of the plan manager.

Can you change plan managers?

Absolutely! If you’re not happy with the help your current plan manager is giving you or you simply want a change, you can switch to a different provider whenever you want. Just make sure to tell your current plan manager and the NDIA about the change.

How does a plan manager help you with your NDIS plan?

As we mentioned earlier, a good plan manager can be really helpful and make your NDIS plan work better for you. People who choose plan management for their NDIS plan enjoy some advantages.

Here are some of those advantages:

  • You can choose to work with service providers who aren’t officially registered with NDIS but still offer good help.
  • The money for plan management comes from your NDIS funding, so you don’t have to pay extra. And it doesn’t take money away from your other supports.
  • An NDIS plan manager can be like a partner who helps you understand and use your NDIS plan in the best way possible.
  • When you go with plan management, you don’t need to worry about any paperwork. The plan manager handles it all.

These were some of the main benefits of having an NDIS plan manager to handle your NDIS plan. Among the three ways to manage your plan, plan management is getting a lot of attention. With plan management, you can choose both registered and unregistered NDIS providers. This means you get to pick the service that’s best for you.

If your NDIS funding is managed this way, you can reach out to My Life My Way. They’re a registered disability service provider in South Australia. They’ve been working to improve the lives of people with disabilities by offering quality and trustworthy services. We can help you get the NDIS funding you need and support you in achieving your NDIS goals. Our team is dedicated to helping you live a better life.


In the realm of NDIS, plan managers handle financial tasks, freeing you to pursue goals. With options like agency-managed, plan-managed, or self-managed, NDIS Plan Management stands out. Plan managers handle payments, paperwork, and advice, optimising NDIS benefits. Their support streamlines your NDIS journey, offering more control and focus. Choose wisely for a smoother experience.

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