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Support Coordination

Support coordination is something we take very seriously at My Life My Way. Your supports are designed carefully around your goals and needs, and we do this carefully tailored to suit your lifestyle. We will work with you to ensure you understand how your plan is funded and coach you to make the best use of your support. 

A support Coordination will work with you to make sure you have a mixture of people that help you with your relationships, find people to support you with in-home care and/or independent living, and engage with the community. We are also able to coordinate specialist support from approved health professionals and psychologists for complex cases.

Additionally, we can help with finding out what your NDIS plan means, explaining what your funding is for, and how to use your funding.

We can help you with...

  • Finding items that you need to make your house safer or easier to move around in
  • Helping you to do the same things you used to do in your day-to-day life by finding ways to support you or help you learn to work in new ways
  • Organising cleaning, gardening, and company
  • Finding quotes for your wheelchair
  • Finding someone to do your grocery shopping
  • Improve your belief in yourself and your skills to use and coordinate your support.

Assistance with NDIS

  • We can help you understand your NDIS plan and what services are available to you.
  • We can present different service providers for you to review and pick from.
  • We can talk to service providers on your behalf.
  • We can attend review meetings with you.
  • We can help by requesting progress notes from providers to monitor if goals are being achieved.

Our friendly team is here to support you. 

Talk to us about finding a service that is designed just for your support needs.