Supported Independent Living Providers Improve Your Quality Of Life

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a specialised care service designed to assist individuals who require extra help with daily tasks, enabling them to maintain their independence. If you or someone you know faces challenges in fully enjoying life due to a disability or other issues, collaborating with trusted SIL providers can significantly enhance your quality of life.

At My Life My Way Independent Living, our ongoing commitment is to deliver top-notch SIL arrangements for those in need. This entails access to a wide range of NDIS housing options, ensuring the most optimal living conditions. You can enjoy independent living in fully accessible homes that afford you the privacy you desire, while continuous support is readily available to assist with troublesome tasks that you struggle with.

Working with SIL providers like ourselves can be life-changing. But if you’re still not convinced, here are some ways your life can change for the better with supported independent living:

Be Independent with Supported Independent Living

Living with a disability can bring daily challenges that may leave you feeling reliant on others for assistance. The thought of moving into a specialised care home might raise concerns about losing your independence.

However, SIL providers prioritise maintaining your independence to the greatest extent possible. Your home is tailored to your needs, equipped with tools and features to help you handle common tasks. This could include handrails for independent mobility or wider doorways with ramps for wheelchair access.

You can engage in activities you feel capable of, with the assurance of constant support whenever necessary. Supported independent living offers a balanced approach, ensuring you never feel isolated or helpless.

Receive Tailored Supported Independent Living Support that’s Specifically Designed for Your Needs

As mentioned earlier, supported independent living arrangements offer consistent support with qualified staff available around the clock.

The unique aspect is that this support is entirely customisable to your needs, ensuring it doesn’t become overwhelming or restrict your independence. Some of the tasks you can receive assistance with include:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Managing medication
  • Household chores
  • Financial management
  • Transportation to other places
  • Bathing, grooming, and other personal care tasks

It’s completely up to you how much care and support you receive, which enables you to live life to the fullest. You maintain as much independence as possible, yet you can reach out for help to tackle some of the harder tasks in life.

Master Your Everyday Living Skills with Supported Independent Living Development

SIL providers offer more than just assistance with daily tasks. They also provide support and guidance to enhance your daily living skills.

Living with a disability can make certain tasks more challenging, and if you’ve acquired a disability later in life, you may struggle with activities you once did easily. Our supported independent living arrangements offer access to caregivers and support staff who will work with you to improve specific skills.

This may involve regaining independence in movements, learning techniques for dressing, or mastering oral hygiene routines. Through consistent support and guidance, you can gradually regain control and independence.

Receive Financial Assistance From The NDIS

The NDIS is currently assisting approximately 600,000 Australians nationwide in various ways. SIL housing providers like us can offer accommodations. Essentially, this means you can secure funding to cover these new living arrangements and the associated support.

This significantly alleviates financial concerns, as you no longer have to worry about affording care for yourself or a loved one. You can enjoy a suitable accommodation.

In summary, SIL providers offer a fresh opportunity to regain and maintain your independence. To learn more about supported independent living, please reach out to My Life My Way today. We’re delighted to schedule a consultation where we can provide more comprehensive information and outline a plan to assist you in obtaining the support you require.