Supported Independent Living

My Life My Way specialises in Supported Independent Living Adelaide with their daily living tasks whilst building life-skills to live an independent life.  We offers SIL services in both the individual’s home and in shared living arrangements.

Supported Independent Living Adelaide

Disability Independent Living

We at My Life My Way Cleaning Service recognise the value of having a tidy and well-organised home. We provide premium cleaning services catered to your particular needs. No matter if you need a once-off deep clean or regular cleaning, our team of hardworking experts is ready to help. We always guarantee your happiness thanks to our dedication to excellence and careful attention to detail.

Why choose my life my way for Supported Independent Living Adelaide

Person-Centered Approach

Dedicated to putting you at the center of your support. They prioritise your goals, preferences, and individual needs, ensuring that the support provided aligns with your unique journey

Dedicated and Trained Support Staff

Furthermore, we take pride in hiring well-trained support workers who are enthusiastic about aiding individuals with their assisted living needs. Additionally, our caring and competent team ensures that you receive essential support, encouragement, and company on your journey.

Collaboration and Empowerment

Notably, we highly value your input and actively encourage your involvement in decision-making processes. As a result, firmly believe in empowering you to make choices and have control over your own life, fostering independence and self-advocacy.

Tailored Support Plans

You can expect personalised support plans designed specifically for you. Moreover, our team works collaboratively with you to develop a plan that reflects your goals, interests, and desired objectives, ultimately allowing you to live a more fulfilling and independent life.

Flexible Service Delivery

Recognising the importance of adaptability in fulfilling your changing needs, we provide a variety of assistance alternatives that can be personalised to your lifestyle. Consequently, this grants you the freedom to choose the best options for you.

Quality Assurance

Committed to delivering high-quality services. They adhere to rigorous standards and continuously evaluate their practices to ensure that you receive the best possible support and experience. Choosing "My Life My Way" for independant living specialists means prioritising your needs.

Inclusions of Disability living independently Adelaide

My Life My Way includes a range of services and supports to meet the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. Let’s explore some of the key inclusions of Disability Independent Living:

Assistance with Personal Care

Personal care routines including washing, clothing, grooming, and medication management are assisted by My Life My Way. There are trained staff members on hand to make sure that people get the assistance they need to maintain their personal hygiene and well-being.

Household Tasks Support

Maintaining a clean and organised living environment is crucial for individuals living independently. SIL offers support with various household tasks, including cleaning, cooking, laundry, and managing household chores. This assistance ensures that individuals can enjoy a comfortable and safe living space.

Community Participation

Active participation in the community is essential for social inclusion and personal growth. supports individuals in engaging with their local communities, accessing community services, and participating in recreational and social activities. This involvement fosters a sense of belonging and helps individuals develop valuable connections.

Skill Development

Recognises the importance of skill development for individuals with disabilities.It provides chances to improve daily living abilities like organising meals, managing personal funds, and budgeting. Additionally, assisted living skills including transportation, time management, and decision-making can be the subject of skill development programmes.

Emotional and Behavioral Support

Individuals with disabilities may require emotional and behavioral support to manage their mental health and well-being effectively. provide assistance through counseling, therapy services, and behavioral interventions. This support aims to help individuals cope with challenges, develop strategies for self-care, and promote overall emotional well-being.

Exclusions of Disability Independent Living

24-Hour Care and Medical Support: SIL does not provide 24-hour care or medical support. Individuals with complex medical needs or those who require constant supervision may need alternative options, such as residential care or specialised services that can cater to their specific requirements.

Integration with Other NDIS Supports: Supported Independent Living Adelaide is part of the broader National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). While SIL offers significant support, it is crucial to coordinate it with other NDIS supporters. This coordination ensures that individuals receive a comprehensive care plan that includes assistive technology, therapy services, transportation, and any additional funding required.

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Coordinating SIL with Assistive Technology, Therapy Services, Transportation, etc: To create a well-rounded support system, it is important to coordinate SIL with other necessary services and supports. In doing so, individuals gain access to any additional resources they may need for their freedom and well-being. This includes crucial elements such as therapy, transportation, and assistive technology. By incorporating these components into their support plan, individuals can significantly improve their capacity to live life on their own terms, in a way that accurately reflects “My Life, My Way.”

Suitability of SIL : Determining the suitability of Supported Independent Living Adelaide involves a thorough assessment of an individual’s personal needs, goals, and preferences. This comprehensive assessment ensures that SIL aligns seamlessly with their aspirations and requirements, ultimately promoting a profound sense of autonomy and independence. Moreover, this tailored approach guarantees that the support provided is precisely tailored to the individual’s unique journey and fosters a more inclusive and empowering environment. 

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