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Improving Life for Participants in Adelaide through NDIS Services

My Life My Way is a company in Southern Adelaide that helps people with disabilities fulfill their dreams. Working closely with each individual to develop a plan of support for them is our aim. Through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which offers financing and assistance to people with disabilities, we provide a variety of programmes to help people achieve their goals.  What sets us apart is that we provide reliable services that go beyond basic NDIS support in Southern Adelaide. We are recognized as one of the top  NDIS service providers adelaide in the area, striving to offer the best disability services. If you choose us as your disability support provider in Southern Adelaide, we will assist you in achieving your NDIS goals.

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In Southern Adelaide, we offer a range of services to support individuals with disabilities. These include Supported Independent Living (SIL), NDIS Plan Management, Social & Community Participation, in-Home Support, Medium-term Accommodation, Short-Term Accommodation, Emergency Accommodation, Support Coordination, Cleaning services, and Gardening services. Contact us for assistance with any of these services in Southern Adelaide.

Medium Term Accommodation

Why do Southern Adelaide love My life My way?

Local NDIS advice

Our friendly NA-based team help you navigate the NDIS, so you can stress less.

NDIS Plan Management

Keep track of your NDIS budget when it suits you, 24/7​

Help when you need it

We’ve got the opening hours to service customers across North Adelaide

Choice and Control

We put you in control and give you the flexibility you need to get the most from your plan

Providing NDIS Registered Disability Services with Integrity in Southern Adelaide

At My Life My Way, we stand out from the competition by combining compassion and inclusivity in our services. As one of the top NDIS service providers adelaide, we prioritise providing unique and significant offerings to our clients.

Through community access and a range of support services, We specialise in empowering people so they can take an active part in social, recreational, and cultural events. We encourage our clients to get involved in their communities and work to promote a sense of belonging.

Our focus on the needs of the client is what makes us unique. You are the one who drives our plans, so everything from goals and objectives to service delivery is tailored to your unique requirements and NDIS plans. We think it’s important to put your preferences first and make sure they’re taken into account when making decisions.

Committed to providing personalised support that adheres to NDIS guidelines, we place your needs at the core of our services. With My Life My Way, you can trust that your NDIS budget will be managed responsibly, as we align your needs with your NDIS plans. Say goodbye to worries about overspending.

For comprehensive NDIS service providers adelaide, choose My Life My Way. Experience a disability service that not only understands your needs but also empowers you to achieve your goals, all while fostering inclusivity and compassion.

Specialised Disability Services.

What we can offer

In-Home Support

My Life My Way will support Disability support services adelaide with self-care activities and personal tasks of daily life to develop independent living skills.

NDIS Plan Management

My Life My Way specialises in plan management and we work very hard to help you manage and monitor your NDIS plan.

Supported Independent Living

My Life My Way specialises in supporting individuals with their daily living tasks whilst building life-skills to live an independent life.

Short-Term Accommodation & Emergency Accommodation

My Life My Way offers respite care through short term accommodation. Furthermore, This service can be used for up to 14 days at a time.

Medium-Term Accommodation

My Life My Way provides medium term accommodation for up to 90 days while you wait for your long term housing solution.


MY Life My Way staff are experienced and friendly cleaners who will make sure your home’s environment is clean and tidy.

Support Coordination

My Life My Way designs your supports around your goals and needs.Additionally, we do this carefully tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Assistance with Social and community participation

Welcome to our Disability support services adelaide service page for Assistance with Social and Community Participation in Adelaide.


My Life My Way will be happy to maintain your gardens and keep them looking fresh and well presented.

Transform Your Life with My Life My Way NDIS service providers Adelaide

We, as a community, collaborate with NDIS plans to develop supportive services that meet
individual needs and maximize their benefits.
  • At My Life My Way, our mission is to provide NDIS services while creating a safe and welcoming community.
  • Our ongoing efforts are dedicated to helping individuals overcome psychological and physical limitations, enabling them to achieve their desired lifestyle.
  • Join us for an enriching and empowering journey as your disability support service provider in Southern Adelaide.
  • Our comprehensive range of services, including assistance with daily tasks, community access, safe and accessible housing, assistive technology, and therapeutic support, significantly enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.
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Empower Yourself: Take Control of Your Life with an NDIS Service Provider in Southern Adelaide

We are fundamentally dedicated to advancing inclusivity and equality for our participants. By encouraging inclusive communities, improving accessibility to support services, and boosting overall welfare, we strive to remove barriers and create an inclusive society for all individuals.  We offer our services to participants all across Australia, making sure that their preferences, aims, and goals form the basis of our strategy. Our commitment is to offer a continuum of treatment based on inclusion, solidarity, and honesty.

When you choose us as your service providers, you can trust in embarking on a safe and trusted journey towards achieving your program goals. We firmly believe that the right kind of support has the power to empower participants and cultivate their lives in a positive and inclusive manner.